About Romanian American League

The Romanian American League was made possible through the initiative and the enthusiasm of many outstanding members from the Romanian American community of South Florida.

John I. Banu, President

This initiative was supported by the real beliefs these individuals share, that a strong and united community can be of a greater service to its members. The core group of these enthusiastic founders hails from the old Romanian Cultural Association of Florida.

The Romanian American League is here to allow the members of its community to materialize their sense and need for unity, to express and proclaim its national pride.  Let us forget and leave behind the mistrust among community individuals, the reluctance of association and expressing personal and collective opinions.

As equal, the Romanian American League, it is here to let it be known and prove the deep Romanian compassion feelings embedded in the Romanian’s soul and heart. The humanitarian programs in the area of medical assistance promoted by the League are proof of the traditional Romanian compassion toward those in need.

Flag-Pins-Romania-USAThe quest of the Romanian American League it is to let the voice and opinions of the community, to be heard and considered by the official authorities. Let us join together, be proud and trust in the present and the future, stand up for our beliefs.

The common goals and collective strength are the wind in our organization’s sails towards sustaining its humanitarian programs and existence.

John I. Banu,

RAL Administration Officials

Board of Trustees

Mr. John I. Banu – Chairman of the Board, Ocean Test Equipment Inc
Mr. Alexandru Chihaia, Amero Exchange Pro, Inc.
Mrs. Andreea Banu Reyes, SFWM, FL State Department
Mr. Bogdan Enica, Esq. Enica Law Group
Mr. Viorel Petrescu, Graphix  VIP

Executive Commitee

President – Mr. John I. Banu

Vice President – Mr. Alexandru Chihaia
Director Medical Programs  – Dr. Dan Golgotiu
Director Financial Programs – Mr. Eric Reyes
Director Legal Department – Mr. Bogdan Enica, Esq.
Director Sport Programs – Mr. Ioan Bunaciu
Social Networking/Secretary – Ms. Viorica Craciun, CVS Pharmacy
Media Consulting – Mr. Viorel Petrescu, Mr. Sorin Nelersa

Honorary Members

  Daniela Banu, Founding Member 

  Prof. Dr. Eng. Claudiu G. Matasa, Founding Member

  Mrs. Victoria London, former Honorary Consul of Romania

 Active Honorary Members

Dr. Albin Morariu, M.D. Neurologist
Mr. Benone SinulescuRomanian Artist, Singer
Mr. Horatiu Malaele – Romanian Actor
Mr. Andrei Zinca – Film Director/Producer
Dr. Daniel and Andreea Huth- MD Radiologist

Call For Membership

Without the registered members, this organization could not claim its representation and legality and its objectives to be applauded.

Through active memberships and affiliation to the League, the members of the community are expressing their support and approval. Joining by selecting their level of financial support to the organization it shows  their willingness and involvement with the League.