Health Care Programs

The very purpose of existence of the Romanian American League as a nonprofit organization is to help the ones in need through its humanitarian programs for medical treatments and physical rehabilitation.

Health Care Programs

The League’s programs are designed and directed towards individuals who encountered catastrophic medical conditions who could not have adequate medical treatments provided by the insurance company, government programs or social assistance.

The segments of the population to qualify for our programs are children, teenagers, mature individuals with job skills and potential to return to a healthy social activity. Comprehensive financial support is to be committed for implementation and continuity of the medical treatments to the individuals to receive it.

The RAL Medical Financial Assistance Program

Affiliated Medical Institutions

The following medical institutions and facilities had agreed to our request to participate in our programs for medical assistance  based on their conditions and possibilities.

Broward Medical Center
1600 Andrews Blvd
Fort Lauderdale,  Florida

MedLife Clinical Center
Calea Grivitei Nr. 127
Bucuresti, Romania

Spitalul Clinic Dr Ion Cantacuzino
Str. Ion Movila Nr 5-7
Bucuresti, Romania

Jackson Memorial Hospital
Miami  Florida

Spitalul Universital Bucuresti
Str. Splaiul Independentei
Bucuresti, Romania

The following physicians had agreed to our request to participate in our programs for medical assistance  based on their conditions and possibilities.

Dr. Cristian Viisoreanu, MD
MedLife Clinic Center
Bucuresti, Romania

Dr. Mihai Bojinca, MDPhD, Professor
Internal Medicine,  Rheumatology
Spitalul Dr. Ion Cantacuzino
Bucuresti, Romania

Dr. Adina Ciubotaru,  MD
Spitalul Dr. Ion Cantacuzino
Bucuresti, Romania

Dr. Albin Morariu, MD
Florida Neurologic Center
Delray Beach, Florida

Dr. Victor Ranu, MD
General Surgery
MedLife Clinical Center
Bucuresti, Roamnia

Dr. Vlad Predescu  MD
Surgery, Orthopedic
Spitalul Clinic Pantelimon
Bucuresti, Romania

The following persons have received our organization financial aid for medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Christina Bumea

Diagnostic:             Cerebral Aneurism
Residence:             Bucuresti,  Romania
Personal:                Female, born in 1971
Case Coordinator:  Dr. Albin Morariu,  MD, Florida Neurological Center
Treatment:              February 2013,  Implant of fluid drain tube
Results:                  In good heath, active, works, has a family

Bogdan Iancu

Diagnostic:              Multiple lumbar disc herniation with cord compression
Residence:             Cimpulung, Arges, Romania
Personal:                Male, born in 1973
Case Coordinator:  Dr. Victor Radu, MD, MedLife Clinical Center
Treatment:              Back surgery,  Rehabilitation
Results:                   Normal work activity, has a family with two children

Simona Deaconu

Diagnostic:             Breast cancer
Residence:             Cimpina, Prahova, Romania
Personal:                Female, born in 1974
Case Coordinator:  Dr. Cristian Viisoreanu  MD, MedLife Clinical Center
Treatment:              Second opinion, Fish test, biopsy, In progress treatment
Results:                  Stable health conditions, start working. Has a family with two children

How to Apply

Contacting the offices of the League, the solicitors will be further instructed how to apply and will be advised about our capabilities and procedures to offer help. An open list of accepted solicitors as well is available at any time.

Director of Medical Programs
Dr. Fulvia C Banu